Yoga Has Benefits For People With Rheumatism

Although initially, people with rheumatism may have difficulty mastering yoga movements, you can maintain the flexibility of your joints. Yes, yoga is very useful as a treatment for rheumatism. The yoga movement can help the body by increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Meanwhile, the meditation section of yoga practice can manage your mind to be calmer and allow you to sleep better and feel more energetic. People with rheumatism also report reduced pain after a routine try yoga. Additionally, perhaps you want to Check our yoga health DVD as well.

Research in medical journals has reported that yoga can help people who have arthritis by improving body balance, reducing joint pain, and reducing feelings of anxiety or depression.

Another study reported that 26 rheumatic patients who took yoga programs for 8-10 weeks could reduce their rheumatic symptoms, and some even stopped using rheumatoid drugs that doctors prescribed.

There is also a study that shows that 16 women with rheumatism who took yoga classes 3 times a week for 10 weeks experienced increased balance and reduced pain and depression.

The research supports other benefits of yoga for rheumatism. Yoga can relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Yoga can also reduce the risk of getting rheumatism, both in men and women.

In addition, yoga helps increase the range of joint motion and balance, energy, sleep quality, mood, and self-confidence in rheumatic patients.

If you want to do yoga practice to support rheumatism treatment, follow some of the following basic guidelines to ensure that the exercise you do provides benefits, rather than causing injury.

Before starting a yoga practice, consult with your doctor first. Ask your doctor about certain restrictions that you must avoid. This is because each person’s rheumatism is different.

Choose the appropriate yoga class. Choose a beginner yoga class so you know what your physical strength and flexibility are. There are now many fitness centers and yoga studios that offer yoga classes specifically for people who have arthritis. Better you join this class.

Make sure your yoga instructor is certified.

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