These Are Risks Of Repainting A Car Recklessly

Repainting your car carelessly can be at high risk. Here are some problems that often cause regret for car painting that you must know. Additionally, you may hire the best auto detailing oceanside if you want to get the best car painting result for your vehicle.

1. Striped paint

Repainting certain parts is more at risk of stripping. This happens because of the quality of clamping, and mixing colors that are indeed difficult to be able to exactly match the original paint color in other parts.

If you want a uniform color that matches the original paint color, it’s better to go to an official workshop. In addition to using appropriate paint, painting is carried out in accordance with the procedures of the manufacturer.

2. The paint is not tidy

The application of paint that is too thick produces clumps of paint droplets that freeze at the bottom of the painted part because the nature of the liquid will flow downward following gravity.

In addition, masking or the closure of other unpainted parts must also be carried out carefully. If not, other areas such as rubber windows and headlamps can get paint stains.

This thing will not occur in the workshop where the work is patient and painstaking.

The newly applied paint is easily attached to the dust. This causes stubborn stains and a smooth texture. This is prone to occur because the paint shop is a ‘nest’ of dust from dirty cars, incoming winds, and powder from sanding.

So, choose a workshop that pays attention to the cleanliness of the workshop such as using a dust filter in the painting area.

4. Color changes fade

Colors that were good after just leaving the workshop can slowly turn faded. This usually happens if you do a painting in the “lightning” paint shop on the roadside that uses cheap and fast dry but fade-based Nitrocellulose or Laquer paint.

Meanwhile, professional workshops generally use oven paint made from Polyurethane. The workmanship is longer, but the results are harder, shiny and scratch resistant.

So, an important step in painting a car is to plan, select a quality workshop, and check the results of work in the workshop, before taking the car home.

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