These Are 13 Safety Tips To Protect Yourself When You Work With Electricity

Electricity is dangerous if it’s not being handled carefully by professionals. Therefore, if you wish to work with electricity, you need to know the tips to protect yourself from its dangers. This is necessary so you can reduce the risk of being shocked, especially if you work with the high-powered electrical installation. Aside from that, if you need the service of professional electricians, we recommend you call the best ls electrician.

Well, there are 13 safety and security tips working with electricity to avoid accidents and other risks:

1. Get to know the equipment and don’t try it recklessly

Do not use equipment that is powered by electricity or air pressure if you do not know/understand, because it will endanger life or goods.

2. Be sure that the equipment works well

Equipment will work well when cared for. Exfoliated cables can cause a short circuit or fire (short circuit).

3. Work attentively

Work in a calm state, concentrate your mind just for work.

4. Using protective equipment

Use body armor, don’t let an accident happen.

5. Do not pull on the power cord

If the power cable when using a sticker, it is pulled will cause the wire to break.

6. Don’t work alone

7. Work with one hand

When working on electrical equipment they will try to use one hand, the other hand into the pocket. That is to say that if there is electricity in the right hand, it does not flow into the left hand through the heart.

8. Do not grope for equipment that uses an electrical voltage

9. Do not use electrical equipment with flammable equipment

10. See usage procedures

11. Do not repair the electrical equipment that is still in tension

12. Check all electrical equipment before use

13. Be aware of your surrounding.

Beware at any time is the key to job security, do not be reckless when you work with electricity.

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