These days, three-dimensional picture technology is developed to the point that completely everybody comprehends what it is. Also, they are available to everybody. Anybody can visit the 3D cinema, which is in any real city, or iMAX 3D cinema. Obviously, the distinction in the cost of tickets between these sorts of 3D cinemas is substantial and many don’t comprehend why. To do this, you have to know the contrast between iMAX 3D and 3D cinema. To address the inquiry, how about we think about what is iMAX 3D and its technical highlights.

What is iMAX 3D

iMAX 3D is a cinema 3D technology. Her primary task is to make the watcher completely drenched in the film and feel like a member in the activity. At the end of the day, the objective of iMAX 3D technology is to accomplish the most ideal nearness impact.

Actually, 3D and 3D iMAX 3D are one and the equivalent, since in the two cases we are discussing a three-dimensional picture. Nevertheless, the most recent technology enables you to accomplish the best impact of quality. This is done gratitude to a few technical and innovative highlights. Think about them all together.

How is the impact of three-dimensional picture accomplished? It’s basic, for this you have to give each eye a different picture. That is a similar item or article, yet from somewhat alternate points of view. How is this done on a level screen?

This technology utilizes polarization picture partition. That is, two video streams are anticipated on the screen. To do this, utilization an uncommon projector for Regal Movie Ticket Pricesvisit Roxys Prices. This has two focal points. These recordings are somewhat unique, appearing same article from changed edges. Also, video streams have distinctive polarization. For this situation, the direct sort is utilized, that is, the principal video is vertically enraptured, and the second is even.

Camera for shooting Regal films iMAX 3D

The contrast among 3D and iMAX 3D lies in the way that for the last mentioned, films are shot utilizing exceptional hardware, specifically cameras with two focal points. The focal points are situated at a short separation from one another, like the human organs of vision (eyes). This enables the camera to shoot protests the manner in which an individual would see them.

Such hardware has a fairly surprising expense, which is the reason it isn’t utilized for shooting the whole film, yet just for the most noteworthy and brilliant minutes. The film in such a chamber has a width of 70 mm (for instance, in customary cameras the width of the film is 35 mm). This enables you to shoot video with higher differentiation and clearness. Obviously, this likewise influences the last expense of the item, and, subsequently, the expense of a ticket to the cinema. Along these lines, for customary 3D films, conventional motion pictures are utilized, which are changed over into 3D with the assistance of uncommon projects.

REGAL IMAX 3D screen

Screen for REGAL cinema iMAX 3D additionally has a mystery. It lies in the way that to mirror the polarization of the requirement for a unique canvas, which is secured with silver to finish everything. Also, the screen sizes surpass the field of perspective on an individual, and the bended shape makes the hallucination of the earth.


For full drenching in the realm of three-dimensional cinema, multichannel sound is required. The speaker framework in iMAX cinemas is actualized as productively and insightfully as could be allowed. The six-channel sound with different speakers around the border of the cinema permits watchers alike to hear the audio effects of the film, paying little heed to where they are. Additionally, the recurrence run enables you to transmit totally any sounds as practical as could be expected under the circumstances.

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