The Procedure Of Nasal Plastic Surgery Is Quite Complex

The shape of the nose that is not sharp or pug can indeed reduce the confidence of the owner. But now, the shape of a snub nose can be made to look sharp with the use of makeup. Having a sharp nose permanently is also not just a dream anymore, because now there are nose plastic surgeries that you can do. However, before you decide to do nose plastic surgery, it’s a good idea to first know how this procedure works. Additionally, you may also call Dr William Portuese whenever you want to get facial plastic surgery in Seattle.

The Purpose of Nose Plastic Surgery

Nasal plastic surgery or rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed to change the shape of a person’s nose. Not only for aesthetic reasons, but nose plastic surgery is also done to improve the shape of the nose that is less ideal which is the cause of breathing difficulties, correct congenital defects in the nose, or even the disproportionate shape of the nose due to accidents.

Nasal Plastic Surgery Procedure

Our upper nose is made of bone, while the lower nose is made of cartilage. Well, this bone structure, cartilage, skin, or combination of these three can be engineered through a nose plastic surgery procedure. However, the nose plastic surgery procedure that each person undergoes can vary. This depends on the condition of the nasal structure and the purpose of the operation performed.

When you want to undergo plastic nose surgery, you are also given two choices, namely surgery with the local method or general anesthesia. However, you are advised to choose a method that is in accordance with the doctor’s advice and consideration. For those of you who undergo general anesthesia, you may need to be hospitalized after undergoing surgery.

Based on the operating techniques performed, nose plastic surgery can also be divided into two types, namely:

Open technique: an operating incision is made outside the nose.

Closed technique: a surgical incision is made inside the nose.

At the first meeting with a plastic surgeon for nose surgery, the doctor will first analyze the shape of the nose, the skin around the nose, and which nasal anatomy will be changed from the patient.

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