How To Clean Your Swimming Pool

Cleaning the pool is not only limited to caring for the water, but also around the swimming pool. Furthermore, you may also need to know how to vacuum an above ground pool correctly, so you may visit to find out the proper way to do it.

Here are tips on keeping the pool clean:

Mop the floor around the pool. In addition to preventing bacteria, cleaning the floor around the pool also prevents mosses from causing slippery floors.

Use water crust cleaning products, such as Vixal, if necessary. Use fine nets to remove dry leaves and insects. Try to clean the pool water surface every day because garbage, dried leaves, animals, and other organic objects can trigger bacterial growth in the water.

Use wall cleaners and pool floors. Special tools in the form of underwater suckers function to remove dirt that settles on the bottom of the pool and moss on the walls of the pool. Clean it at least once a week.

The swimming pool at home should be more comfortable and safe than a public swimming pool, so the treatment should also be done more carefully so that the floor is not slippery and risks causing slippage, the water content is balanced and healthy, and clearer.