Facts About London Become The Reasons Why People Want To Live In London

As the capital of England, London has become one of the big cities in Europe and hunted by many tourists during holidays, maybe including you https://britishlifeskills.com/b1-english-test/. Are you familiar with this city? Here are the facts. London is a city crowded with tourists who are curious to see the splendor of the capital of the great British nation. In 2012 the celebration of the biggest sport in the world, the 2012 Olympic was held in London. You will need b1 test when you decide to live in London. That test is known as a citizenship test which gives you the chance to get the legal permit to become a new citizen in the UK.

Although it is crowded with tourists from various parts of the world, not all are satisfying. In fact, a number of surveys issued by London-related tourism show a lot of travelers’ disappointment. Even so, this city also has many advantages that still attract many tourists. Below are some facts about London.

1. Bears the title ‘Best City in the World’

In 2012, London held the title of the best city in the world. This predicate is given by a travel search site, TripAdvisor. The travelers from various parts of the world also recognize London presents the best tourism for tourists. After London, the city that took second place was New York, followed by Roma in third place. Then there are Paris, San Francisco, Marrakech, Istanbul, Barcelona, ​​Siem Reap, and Berlin.

2. One of best places for shopping

Besides Paris, a shopping paradise for women is the City of London. Come here, a female traveler can enter the area inhabited by many clothing stores. Guaranteed to forget yourself! You can come to Bond Street in the West London area. This is an area inhabited by rows of shops that sell branded goods, such as Channel and Burberry. Enter the shop, and find your target items that might be hard to find in your home town. You can also enjoy city views wrapped in classic shades.

3. Can meditate in the department store

There are unique things that are owned by one of the department stores in London, namely Selfridge. This shopping center has a silent room that may not be in other department stores. Selfridge also has a program called ‘No Noise’. This is a special program that organizes mass meditation for visitors. No kidding, this program also works with a special meditation company, namely Headspace.

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